I realised that I haven't posted any new entries lately, so I've decided to relief the burden in my heart and just write my craps onto here...

To be honest, nothing much had happened... well, there was the experience boost event but frankly, those clovers were a massive scam...oh wait, they still spawn now, and I don't even eff-ing know why they still exist in the game when they don't give you the exp-boost buff like they've promised... Oh, I did manage to level up my Fengling to master! Woooo grats~

but I failed to complete the MMA quest (more like I've just cbb to do it halfway against gerero) because I was running out of HP potions :( But I seriously can't believe my Fengling is such a good tank against those bosses!

Hmmmm... whatelse? =/
Ah...there was the loading-screen contest, but none of my entries were selected =[
but grats to the winners ^^; I've decided to upload my entries here anyway (yes you may just scroll downwards if you find them as eyesores) oh and btw the last 1 was a failure, and I didn't upload it...

\(._.)/ well there isn't much to say at all, my school life is chaotic enough (and no I'm not going to talk about my school life)



100+ have "exploited" the HCoF bug, and thus they were all given a temporary suspension. What kind of a lame excuse is that? GMs thought banning these people is an appropriate method, but excuse me, don't attempt to hide your sorry ass, and yes, I'll be as blunt as I want, because I am one of those people who 'exploited' your HCoF bug or whatever you call it. I won't even go that far and call it an exploitation; it is called READING YOUR HCOF UPDATE MESSAGE THAT APPEARED AND THEN LOGGING ONTO THE HCOF BUT THEN EVERYTHING JUST FAILED. Database/server error has occured. Is it really our fault if you just make it so gullible; I mean, shouldn't you at least check if the HCoF is functioning properly first before deciding to shift all the blame to all of us. If you can't even maintain HCoF's system, don't bother with it, most of us are already fed up with the amount of crap in HCoF that are charged with over-expensive prices.

So now, I've been given a temporary suspension until all items claimed from HCoF are removed. Oh wait, have I complained about the GMs' lack of commitment yet? There were crazy lag spikes that occur every now and then, yet they did nothing apart from giving us more and more Server maintenance that did absolute jacksh*t. It is becoming LAGGIER than ever. Stop wasting our time. And what's with the other time when you guys banned me after I broaded selling GP items...for absolutely no reason. I was proven innocent at the end, but excuse me, what was the reason behind the suspension and where is the sorry? Is saying sorry really hard? Just because you are 'Game Master' doesn't mean you are not human. You are in the same tier as everyone else in the society hierachy. Ok I take it back, you are below the 'scums' tier and I think it is time for you guys to at least be apologetic for scamming us players for so long.

Anyway, since SGE is not letting me play, I decide to move back to jGE, and wtf, is not working. I did a bit more research to realise jGE is under patch to rennaissance...but err, why is the whole of hanbitstation website not working then?
現在,運営のやる気的なものは感じなくも無いがどうも...それはお金と時間のむだした。 何もできませんね...それは不公平ではないでしょうか。 このままでは、かんにんぶくるのおが切れる
(,,#゚Д゚) GE 生活は...大変だね (_ _") 正直に言うと、この夏に楽しみたいですよ、まだまだ、なにどうすんだよ?!ヒドイ ヒドイ!!!!!!!!!!

Never give up, my motto hehe


Just a really short post since I've been really busy in real life...went camping (expedition) for 3 days and I am literally knackered. I had to sleep for a whole day just to revitalise myself... even though it sounds very dramatic...

Anyway, since SGE is under maintenace, I went back to play jGE for a bit more, and I finally managed to get edward's costume!!! My ETR also had her costume too...but it was too OP... 50mil for that ugly purple slutty dress...sigh... AT LEAST MY EDWARD IS HAWT!!! <3333333
You can see my Grandma there too LAWL, I purposely chose this place because of her natural habitat. Ah, see how well she blends in with the surrounding :)

I still can't get over how sexy Edward is <33333

After Millenion's sudden action, I have left and joined Le Conquistador instead since Mikachu is there ^_^V
Everything is fine here, except less crazy talk :S
I feel so n00b here though...I have the lowest family level and lowest level embarrassing :S ah well...


Look at my IGN!!! I'm officially called loveKFC now!!! KanBeki...this name will forever be embedded into my profile (Keep A Nice Body, Eat Kfc Immediately). It is an acronym, and if you can't see it...then just GTFOOMFF GG :@

My family level is finally 25!!! And plus my Fengling is expert 7 already, so close to getting her MAC (if I can actually complete that quest that is)

My views on 4.5 in sGE:
Aweful. Srsly FML. The worst possible outcome ever. People get too hyper over a sh*t character like EMOlia is just completely out of my mind. "-20%, AR -2, ATK -20%, penetration -20, elemental ATK -20, depletes HP for duration of status"- if you are thinking of doing calyce's silent move+ burst shot style, then good luck with that. EMOlia is useless if you have low AR, the chance of debuff is based on her AR and enemies' DR...with 2AR dropped...good luck with that =] Even with 100 Int at expert, she is still weak due to weak skills, and weak weapon base damage. WIth her low HP, she still flies around @_@ such an easy target with flintlock. 1 birdfall is enough to slaughter one.

And now...STOP SAYING ELEMENTALIST IS BETTER THAN HELLENA! Hellena is for pure pvp and maybe against boss or raid. Yes elemental penetration gives you slightly faster aspd (5.5%, which actually isn't much at all, but it has a slight advantage against cath int and Rio and it comes to casting) and there is an extra +1AR, HOWEVER, your lil casting speed and +1AR means jacksh*t to Hellena. You try to cast spell, Frost comes and KB. YES Frost can definitely knockback with all of his skills and I can assure you that Frost is one of the strongest summon ever. Death wave does 1.5x more dmg to heavy metal and he has super high base attack already. Elementalist is for poor people who can't afford the 3x elemental jewels for Hellena recruitment, so they keep making lame arse excuses saying Hellena sux. You know what? SO are you in bed.
Now shush -______-"

I left Mille on Sunday, 4 hours before CW, and I'm currently factionless, but I'm waiting to join a new special faction on this sunday ^^ hopefully I am accepted! Millenion, thank you for all your support so far, I have learnt so much while I was still in Millenion, and I'm still growing because of all the help you have given me (although not directly). THANK YOU!!!!

And I dedicate this statement to CherryTic and DivineEmpresS. I really miss you 2 >.< ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And now time for some excitment :)

I have finally defeated Arsene in Ania's quest!! Took me so many attempts. My Ania is vet 1 already now, just need to get her good blunts and equipments :S

FUN FUN disneyland?

First thing I want to say is:



I haven't said it for so long so I just felt like shouting it out =P



A lot of things happened in these 2 weeks; in both real life and in-game. All my exams are now finished!!! All that is left is the exams results day...uh oh :S

This post will be mainly pictures, and not much writing as I'm currently too lazy.

I went arsene with DivineEmpresS and Tlabbar, and I was using my exp 2 LOLmina, hoping that my new equites might be of some use inside. Well she wasn't exactly useless...but she couldn't do anything decent anyway. Anyway, thanks to Div's imba-scout [IMBA-EmpresS] and Tlab's crazy Ahma, we won :) and thus you can see my LOLmina sitting on the throne (MOVE OUT OF THE WAY QUEEN HERMAAN!)

TA fun:

I got a lot more of these pics btw, but I got to save the surprises :)

Woeful Time

It is very rare that I would talk about sad things. It's very un-Rebecca-like things to do, but for today, I felt like I have to talk about things. Things that are troubling me, and I want to express how much impact they have on my life.

Some people noticed already, but a few members have quit Millenion faction due to unknown reasons. Whatever your reasons are, I will respect them, but please, don't abandon us and leave us without a bye. It really does make me feel lonely whenever people leave and go without a farewell. I am not going to pursue your reasons, nor would I convince you guys to come back either. Your decisions, your lives; not my affair, but I do hope we will be friends.

Secondly, I want to say a few things about my life. My life is not perfect. My life is nowhere near perfect, but I don't sit around and stare at the sky with a blank expression on my face. I.AM.POSITIVE. There are problems at home, at school etc. and sure, it's tough facing problems, but I don't walk around the hole hoping that I can just avoid everything. I will patch my way up and break through my own obstacles. My ambition is to become an architect. This ambition has driven me to work hard and aim high
ever since I was 11, and this flame still hasn't died out, meaning I am still determined to follow my belief and my own personal interest. Whether I'll be good with architecture is another problem, but I am just following what I like best. I have a weird interest with buildings...I get fascinated easily...

But don't let other factors affect you and hinder you with your ambition. Whatever it may be, I want you to have a passion in your heart that will drive you further into your life. It's better to aim high even if it is impossible to achieve; at least you have a motive, but it is better than being clueless. WAKE UP! Don't say stuffs like "I don't care." or "I don't know what I want to do with my life". Do you know how much it hurts me when people say that to me. It's your life you are talking about!!! Life is precious! Don't waste it. What's the point of living then if you are going to think like that?! If you worry about failure, then let me tell you something. You will not fail unless you really want to fail and have accepted failure. That is when there is no turnin
g back and you actually give up on life. You didn't achieve what you want, tough. But you can always get back up and start again. That's not failure. That's called part of growing.

Please, re-consider.

Lastly, I'm unhappy with my on-going exams. Yes I'm complaining but at least I've recognised areas where improvement can be inputted. My dream of being an architect is far, but if I work harder, I'm sure I can breakthrough the waves-after-waves of tsunami (no pun intended, just an expression). So now, my TA attendance will be poor as I want to concentrate more on my exams. If you want to contact me, please pm me or talk to me on MSN.

My LOLmina vet 9 70% so close to expert! Hwaiting!!!!!

Another day...another week...another ban

Blame my boyfriend.

Stupid idiot using bot in JGE overnight, someone reported and GM came to be a lil policeman; I don't know what happened, and neither does my boyfriend, but after the GM came to give us a visit and said a few greetings, the next thing he saw in the morning was:

ボット.シスーテム ガ発見でいました。

You "beep" piece of "beep"! Don't you dare to bot again or I'll "beep" your head off!


Okay so now I'm stuck with leveling my main n00b account for now, until the account is back.

Also: WELCOME TO JGE Loctus!

Just a nice picture for you all :3 seems like Andre wants to pay a tribute to his dad by swallowing a blade o_o
I'm sure Uncle can lend him his "blade" and let him swallow it whole... jks *don't hit me*

Okay.... let's go back to SGE:

Today's CW was quite fun, mainly it was the lag that spoiled the fun. I was more of a commuter traveling from 1 place to another, following orders and help break colonies statues...but it wasn't successful...I don't have the warps to places like desolate cliff, so I have to run all the way there, and it was pretty much over when I got there already, and had to wait for next instruction.

It was until the end when I went to Via Fluvial to help break for EMN/LC, and my Lisa could finally show me that she's not all about her hot look and her chocolate. Though, it was extremely frustrating fact, it was excruciating... the EMN people kept using AoE when breaking statue and kill me as part of the process.

Look, using voliation with grandma does not help breaking the statue quicker.

So wtf?! I got killed 7 times while I was helping to break. Next time, I'm bringing pure range breaker. zzzzzZZZZZ

Okay, enough rambling. I really miss Naka today, I was hoping for some nice Yaoi action

but he was a 'no-show' today... I guess I have to wait till next time.


Back to real life. Tomorrow 1:45 pm, I have 2 maths exams. OMG FML!They are right after 1 another, so it's 3 hours in total, and there will be no break between them. Please save me >w< Too much maths give me headache @_@

See you next time! Bye xxx

Rainbow of Dream...o_o

Okay...just wtf is up with the name of the blog?!- if this is the first thing you thought of when you saw this blog, I don't blame you. I'm neither pleased nor unsatisfied with it; I just find it so CHEESY! Yesh~ Cheesy like your ***!

Okay whatever.

Why am I doing a blog?
Blame Uncle. It's not his fault at all actually (but hey, he seems like an easy target...jking). I was inspired by his blog and the on-going interesting (not really) events that happen around him in GE. I'm pretty much bored anyway, so let's just find a nice way to kill time, even if there is no one reading this :'(

You've been warned.
This blog is boring and sad. Keep reading it if you are REALLY that bored. *Call me~*
I'll update some more new posts later on. Right now, this is it. tata~